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Dreaming of Tulips on a Rainy November Morning

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It is hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, I was taking a group round the rose paddock, marvelling at the extraordinarily warm and beautiful weather and how amazing it was to still be cutting such fantastic roses for the time of the year!! With the best imagination it’s really hard to imagine!  I console myself by digging deeper into a book on Tulips and isolating ones with some serious scent. Now that’s something worth dreaming about on this miserable day! Feast your senses on walking through drifts of Apricot and pale pink tulips wafting their exquisite scent on the light spring wind. My bulb wholesaler is going to enjoy this order but I in turn will delight at the sight of the first shoots emerging in April and the promise that comes with those green shiny leaves.

So it’s not too late to finish ordering spring bulbs from Anemones and Aconites to Narcissi and Tulips. I ordered mine on line from Parkers and Peter Nyssen. Worth setting a budget so as not to get carried away, especially on a day like today!!