Rosebie Morton Flowers


The sweet pea season is in full swing and our greenhouses near Chichester are filled with glorious colour and scent  

The Rose Paddock, Hinton Ampner

The Rose Paddock shop is open on Fridays between 9am and 4pm, from May to October, otherwise by appointment.  We now have a smart new bell with which to attract our attention if we are working in the Rose Paddock.

  • Mixed flower bunches including Tri-colour Sage, Purple Sage, Beautiful Vibernum golfballs, Honesty, Campions, Solomon Seal, Aliums.
  • Bunches of deliciously scented cut roses.
  • Rose bushes and garden plants, varieties of which are not usually found in garden centres.

Terracotta frost-proof pots in different sizes, ideal for planting a miniature herb garden, roses and other terrace plants.

For more info email or Tel:  01962 771467