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An evening of wine and roses

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Many flowers only release their perfume in the evening dusk bringing a special magic to the Rose Paddock, as light fades outlines become softer and the stunning array of colours can be seen with a magic luminescence.

Join me on the 23rd of July for a night time treat, an evening walk of the Rose Paddock indulging in delightful English Sparkling wine courtesy of Hattingley Valley Wines as part of the Hampshire Food Festival.

Tickets cost £15 and are available to book by emailing or telephoning 01256 389188.

Hattingley Valley

BBC Radio Solent: Growing Scented Roses

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Rebecca Parker from BBC Radio Solent visited the Rose Paddock earlier this month to discuss all aspects of rose cultivation and bouquets, the show aired on June 14th and for a limited time you can listen again here on my site.

MyMail Garden visit to The Rose Paddock

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A feature in MyMail Garden, written by Martyn Cox, who attended my rose course last week here at The Rose Paddock.

Follow the link to read the article online:


For the love of sweet peas

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A feature in Waitrose Weekend talking sweet peas and how we grow them at our nursery in West Sussex.  I will update this blog with a link to the online article when it becomes available.

For more information on our sweet peas, please visit

For the love of sweet peas

Chelsea Week

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It is fitting to be preparing for Chelsea Flower Show whilst the blossom all around is looking spectacular; I only hope the forecasters have got it wrong and the rain clouds are not going to be rolling in.  Chelsea week is all about celebrating the best of the best in horticulture and everybody involved, exhibitors and visitors alike, deserves a little fine weather to get the most out of this spectacular event.

The Real Flower Company will be there and we are all really excited to be back after a 2 year break.  As I write this, our florists are creating a glorious display of our scented roses for the stand – we are on Eastern Avenue so if you are planning to visit the show, do come and have a look.

Hoping the blossom at home will still be there when I return but the joy of this time of the year is that there is always a new bud or flower to celebrate.

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The Wind in the Tulips

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As I watch the wind whipping down the hedgerows I am hoping that some of the crab and cherry blossom will survive but I am reassured by the thought that rough winds have been shaking the darling buds of May since at least fifteen something and it is all part of Spring’s idea of fun.

The tulips are also taking their fair share of the buffeting, their petals, crimson, orange, red and white, in stripes and swirls all blowing about them like ladies’ skirts, frilled and swathed and miraculously staying attached to their stems as another gust tears around the side of the house, frothing the Forget-me-Nots into a frenzy.  For me they are such an exciting and bold promise that summer really will return.

Blog 8-5-15

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Nature Knows Best

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Easter conjures up images of Spring Lambs, Catkins, Scented Narcissi and Hellebores, along with the wonderful sight of Blackthorn blossom lighting up the side of the road. Things are just starting to move in the garden too and the hedges are beginning to show green buds.

It is an incredible time of the year and Nature never ceases to amaze me, always getting the upper hand and showing us growers just who is in charge. Yes we think we are clever and can thwart the elements but even with all sorts of amazing gizmos and hours spent poring over books and the internet, Nature wins through (perhaps the politicians could learn something!).   I am still reeling from last week’s bout with her: two days of not especially bright sun but certainly a yellow glow in the sky, followed by a wet and horrible weekend and somehow the Sweet Peas on Monday morning had gone mad! So where did they come from and how come we didn’t see them coming?  This week we have been celebrating their arrival even if they have caught us unawares at Sweet Peas Direct and luckily The Real Flower Company has been creating beautiful bunches of them to send out in time for Easter along with all the other inspirational Spring flowers.

Just like putting a train on the track the Sweet Peas are off and for the next few months, our team of pickers will have their hands full and as one wanders into the packing shed that awesome scent hits one and makes one appreciate all that is good about Mother Nature.



Daphnes and Posies

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It was warm enough yesterday to have the office window open and I found myself diverted from all the things I should have been doing at my desk by the intoxicating fragrance of a Daphne Odora.  It  was happily soaking up the rays and offering its much needed nectar to the bees who, along with the rest of us, must be wondering where spring has got to.  We planted the Daphnes when we first arrived here and I never cease to be grateful to them for being amongst the first brave blossoms of the year to put in an appearance with their miniature pink posies.  With Easter just around the corner, The Real Flower Company are also thinking posies and their Vintage Spring Posy with its Ivory and Café Latte roses and herbs couldn’t fail to lift the spirits.

Vintage Spring Posy







Buds and Bouquets

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The Rose Paddock is waking up to Spring. Rob, our Rose Manager, is back from South Africa so the cacophony of Guinea Fowl is now punctuated by the tapping of hammers on steel as the team raise the tunnels ready for skinning (covering).

It’s such an exciting time of the year with so much promise as buds start to break through otherwise dead looking stems and shoots emerge from caked soil – yes, ground elder included!

There is a hint of warmth in the milky sun and with the Spring equinox this weekend, things are definitely moving in the right direction.  The Real Flower Company is celebrating with bouquets full of  Vibernum Bodnatense, Narcissi and the first of the Hellebores – a wonderful sight after a dull grey winter.

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Blog 19-3-15


Mother’s Day

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With Mothers’ Day fast approaching, this very Sunday 15th March in fact, I have been reading about why it is called Mothering Sunday.  It was apparently one of the very few occasions when serving girls and boys were allowed to go home to visit their families but it also goes back further than that to the 16th Century when Mothering Sunday meant visiting your mother church for Laetare Sunday- Laetare meaning ‘Rejoice’ because it was halfway through Lent and you could relax the fasting for a day.  It might even go back as far as Roman times when they celebrated with a Spring festival for their mother goddess Cybele.

Now in the 21st Century Mother’s Day has become more about saying thank you to the person who has probably been the most influential woman in one’s life.  With the first glimmers of spring snowdrops, narcissi and crocuses are bravely poking their heads above ground which makes them an obvious choice for a Mother’s Day gift.  One of the most popular Mother’s Day bunches at The Real Flower Company  is ivory roses with scented narcissi, the combination of a tea scented rose and the heady perfume of narcissi makes a glorious mix to arrive in time for Mothering Sunday, definitely a day to rejoice and celebrate.

Ivory Garden Bouquet

Raspberry latte bouquet