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Light at the End of the Polytunnels

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Following nature’s lead this spring we have been putting up the polytunnels, grabbing every still day available to avoid plastic blowing all across Hampshire. It’s always an exciting time when the roses are pruned and the tunnels are up and ready; it really feels as though we are on track for the new season with these tasks completed and now we can look forward to the first buds appearing.










Easter is just a few days away and The Real Flower Company are celebrating with an Eastery collection of yellow and white scented roses, the new season’s sweet peas and a scatter of fragrant herbs all combined in their Easter Bouquet.

Easter Bouquet


Pruning Companions

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This must have been the first pruning day of the year that it was warm enough without a jacket. Tackling the climber somehow doesn’t seem so daunting with the sun on one’s back. Mme Alfred Carriere has put on some amazing growth through the season,

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so the first job was to take her off the wires and establish which main stems to keep. Having sorted the framework it was then a case of cutting all the laterals off the main stem to 2 – 3 buds from the base. These will be the flowering stems in June.

Kudu, not to be left out, seems immune to the thorns.

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Finally all that’s required is to tie the main stems back on to the wire and feed with a good handful of Vitax Q4, some well rotted manure and roll on June!








International Women’s Day

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Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and having just watched the film Suffragette on our way back from Japan where we were sourcing roses, I am now thinking that there should be a rose called Suffragette. Suffragette might be a Floribunda, multi headed and symbolising the ability to do more than one thing at a time – or possibly a Hybrid Tea ,standing strong and beautiful on her own. She will have good resistance to disease and pests (particularly the pests…) and won’t droop in the sun or complain about the cold and wet. She would be a vigorous grower, working well in a group and adapting to most habitats as required. Looking good on any budget, she is a great and empathetic hostess and through nature of her habit commands respect . Suffragette is patient and tolerant of beginners and can hold her own in any situation.

The Real Flower Company’s sumptuous International Women’s Day bouquet is bursting with colour and scent – Peony Pink and Princess roses, clematis, freesias, stocks, tulips and more.

International Women's Day Bouquet